Going Out

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This Page is all about going out. Enjoy life and have fun. It is healthy and helps rejuvenate my body and soul.

The thing I enjoy most is going away on a holiday. Not just going out, but far away from Hobart where I lived now. I enjoy taking an overseas trip at least twice a year. Most of the time, going back to Asia; in particular, to Penang to visit my mother. I enjoy visiting other countries. See new things. Meet new people. Learn new cultures. Experience new tastes. Hear new sounds. That to me, is the best “going out” experiences for me. An experience worth a lifetime that is worth remembering and sharing.

When I am at home in Hobart and not traveling on holiday, I will make a point to go out on a weekend. Not all weekends, but some weekends. When I go out, I enjoy walking most. By walking, I get to see more things and appreciate more of the surroundings. It is healthy. It helps me relax. Sometimes I walked to forget about things that is bothering me at work or in life. Other times, I walked to enjoy a peace of mind to myself. Then, there are times when I walked to remember the places around me by taking lots of photographs. The later I enjoyed most when I am on holiday.

This Page is all about my experiences of going out. Places I have been and sights I have seen.


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