Eating Out

We all eat out. At least once or more than once. For some, it is almost a weekend routine to eat out and socialise with friends or family. This was the case when my partner and I used to live in Sydney. We would eat out every weekend, with friends or just the two of us. But, not since we moved to Hobart.

So, why do we eat out so frequently when we used to live in Sydney? There is definitely more choices, from the different types of food to the different price range to suits one’s budget. Like any big cosmopolitan city, Sydney has an abundance of restaurants, cafes and takeaways to choose. Then, there is the variety of ethnic food from all over the world sprawling across the metropolitan city – French, Italian, Greek, Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Indian and many others. There is the Thai takeaway which happens to be my favourite when I am lazy to cook, to the very special top end restaurants, like Tetsuya, Quay, Aria where I can easily spend $500 for the two of us. And, we did spend a night dining at The Tetsuya restaurant a few years ago. But, most people like us in low to middle incomes will find the top end restaurants beyond our reach. There are other priorities in life, so I tend to spend my money wisely on more essential things in life, like paying off the mortgage, car finance, credit card bills, power bill and more bills. The list seems to go on and on. But, if you are the super rich, the top end restaurant is almost a must to dine out to be seen and be part of the A-list crowd.

Since we moved to Hobart, we tend to cook more. Both my partner and I love to cook and we do cooked well, if I can say that. There is less choice available in a small city like Hobart. But, Hobart certainly has some very special and great restaurants – Garagiste, Me Wah, Peppermint Bay, Meadowbank, Home Hill, Red Velvet Lounge – which can easily rival any of the restaurants in the bigger cities on mainland Australia.

This page, “Eating Out” features all the eating places that I have been. Places like Hobart where I lived now and the surrounding areas, to places that I have visited during my travel on holiday. I love food. I like trying new food as long as they are within my comfort zone. I am not into anything too exotic, like what I have seen on my holiday – fried scorpions in Bangkok, barbeque dog in Seoul, dried bats in Luang Prabang, rodents in Hanoi, snakes in Xi’an – or, read about in this article.

In the article, the author noted “durian” as something unusual. But, not to me. I guess it depends on where you come from. It may be unusual for someone who is a foreigner to understand the staples of the national food such as “durian”, but for those who were born and grew up there, it is the most treasured tropical fruit for Malaysian, Indonesian and Thai people. I admit it is an acquired taste and has a strange odour. Love it or hate it.

Some of the food I have tried in the past…..

…where I lived now in Hobart, Tasmania…

…and, when I went home to Penang, Malaysia to visit my mum and family.


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