About I-Destination

When I first started a new blog two years ago in June 2009, I had very little knowledge and experience on the blogger sphere with a couple of social sites active – Twitter and Facebook. I considered myself a late bloomer in the world of cyberspace in mass communication. It was quite a learning process for me; with the occasional ups and downs asking myself the same question over and over again as to why I am doing it. What is it for me? Why spend so much time writing?

After two years of blogging and having convinced myself that there is a lot of information out there with millions of others who are also willing to spend their time writing, reading and blogging on almost anything and everything. That, I am finding these knowledge of sharing is worth continuing as long as there are people out there who are interested to read. Of course, the content must be interesting so people can relate to it. But, is this really the motivational force of me wanting to blog again? The answer is No.

I stopped writing for my blog, Foodtrail, a few weeks ago thinking that I will be satisfied reading what others put out there in the cyberspace. Don’t get me wrong. I really enjoy reading the amount of information I can find or “swipe” with one finger on all the Apps I have downloaded in my iPAD 2. But, reading and writing signals a different meaning to me, and stimulates my brain differently.

I have decided to start blogging again, after re-evaluating what really interest me most. Is it Facebook, Twitter or having my own blog? Each has a different purpose in my life.

Twitter allows me to send quick and short messages by re-tweetering other interesting posts to share with my followers. Facebook is more personal and allows me to share short personal information with friends and family. But, blogging gives me a sense of purpose to do something worth doing – that is, writing and sharing of information with the outside world. It helps me become more creative and helps me improve on my writing skills. I have to admit I am not perfect in my writing or my English grammar. But hopefully each time I write a new post, I will improve until I cannot write anymore.

I guess when I first started Foodtrail, I was in my infant stage and learning how to crawl into the blogging world. After two years, I have started to learn how to walk. Now, I believed I am more mature and it is time to re-invent and start a new blog with an improved image and contents.

This is today. The day when I started the “I-Destination” on 2 July, 2011.

Yeap, everything starts with an “i” these days. But, note that it is a capital “I”, not the usual small “i”. It is never easy to come up with a catchy and new name for a blog. I have tried several different names, but all were taken until I thought of, why not “I” and the word “Destination”. I intentionally labelled my blog name with a cap “I” referring to “I” as me. The letter “I” does not have the usual meaning of “i”  which stands for “internet”. The name refers to everything “I” have experienced, as a “Destination” of where I have been and what I have done. But, you can also say that the letter “I” has a double meaning as I-Destination is using the internet as a means to communicate to the outside world.

I-Destination is a platform for me to journal my experiences in life on everything about food and places. Everything is a destination for me, from the time I was born I was destined to grow up in Penang, to study overseas in the United States, and to live and work in Australia. I planned my destination, including where I like to live, where I like to visit, where I like to go, where I like to work, where I like to eat and what I like to cook. Well, except where I was born.

So, that is how I started I-Destination.

* A reflection of where I have been.

* What I have read which is relevant to this blog that I will share from time to time.

* Places that I have visited that I find interesting and worth writing down. That I hope you have visited as well and happy to join in and share your experiences. If not, hopefully my images will inspire you to do the same, and take a break and enjoy that little bit of time to expand your view and knowledge of our surroundings and the place we live in.

* Food that I have eaten that I hope you will enjoy reading and looking at the images, which hopefully will also inspire you to do the same, and expand the repertoire of your food adventure and culinary skills.

I-Destination is a place for everyone to experience the wonderful thing in life. That there is more to what we see and do daily. That without venturing and exploring beyond our own boundary, life will become monotonous and mundane.

I hope to nurture I-Destination into something wonderful and interesting to read and follow over the years.

Thanks for visiting.

Victor Khoo


7 Responses to About I-Destination

  1. Dallas says:

    Welcome back! 🙂

  2. Jay-P. says:

    Hello Victor, I haven’t been reading your new entries lately. Sorry for that. Anyway, I hope you continue posting about food from both your Tassie and Peneng experiences. I made a few posts about food in Brussels and recently about the Hungry Ghost Festival on a very small Hong Kong island. (Peng Chau).

    • Victor says:

      Hi JP – thanks. I better include your blog in my blogroll. You always write new posts of similar interest to mine. 🙂

  3. Shelley says:

    Hi Victor,
    Just stumbled accoss your work when researching TAS food and wine. I am about to start an exciting new position in marketing for a well know TAS vineyard and one of your posts was so inspiring to me. Love your honasty and well written thoughts.

    I look forward to following.
    happy 2012

    • Victor says:

      Hi Shelley, welcome to idestination. Glad to know that you enjoy one of my posts. Thanks! 😊
      All the best in your new marketing venture. Cheers, Victor.

  4. noahsin says:

    Interested and intrigued by your blog. It’s very impressive! Looking forward to your next posts. Please follow back if you will. Thank you!

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