What I love about my day….

Waking up to an angry, fiery sky..

and, a glooming dark clouds overhanging the city skyline and cold raging wind

to a surprising partial sunny day, and a national dragon boat race at Docklands harbour

and, the Bolton Bridge…

…, with the two men watching me about to fall into the water with my feet crossed!

and, a long distance walk to a “Peoplesmarket” which is a people’s market and flea at the end of Docklands Drive. A new flea market with makeshift container stalls.

Back into the city, and to Chinatown for a bowl of authentic “Har Mee” (or Hokkien Mee as known in Penang or Prawn Mee with the Australian) at Jalan Alor. Love it! Tasted every bit like a Penang Hokkien Mee. Only missing ingredient is the extra chili paste on a Chinese spoon. Otherwise, a perfect 10 out of 10.

and, finally an unexpected Japanese Didjeridu street performer on Bourke Street in the CBD. Not an Aborignal, but a Japanese. He was amazing and surprisingly very good with the didjeridu, for a non-indigenous guy, and had some funky and modern twist to the tune and drone. He got my thumbs up and two gold coins tossed into his collection bag.

Didjeridu – The didjeridu provides a constant drone on a deep note, somewhere between D flat and G below the bass clef. This drone is broken up into a great variety of rhythmic patterns and accents by the skillful use of the tongue and cheeks. Many different tone colours are achieved by altering the shape of the mouth cavity and the position of the tongue and by shutting off various parts of the anatomy which act as resonating chambers for the human voice.




About Victor

I live in Melbourne. Blogging as a pleasure. Sharing my thoughts, mostly on food and places I find interesting. I am on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Page which you can follow by clicking on the link on my blog page. I have a new website on Penang. Learn more at www.insightpenang.com
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2 Responses to What I love about my day….

  1. Emily says:

    Victor, love the photos!

  2. Jay-P. says:

    The mee looks just great Victor. Maybe a bit to elaborated for Hokkien Mee, Penang style?

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