A Fiesta of Malaysia in Melbourne

Fiesta Malaysia is a cultural event organised by the Malaysia Students’ Council Australia, Victoria (MASCA). I came to know about this cultural fest a few weeks ago from reading a local community news – “Docklands News”. I marked the event dates on my calendar so I won’t forget.

Malaysia, in particular Malaysian food is less known in Australia compare to its neighbouring South East Asian countries of Thailand and Vietnam. I suppose the aim of the Fiesta M was to promote the Malaysian culture and food. I was excited and looked forward to the Fiesta M at Argyle Square of Carlton, an inner suburb 2km from Melbourne CBD, also known as “Little Italy” with the best Italian restaurants and cafes along Lygon Street. Carlton is home to Melbourne University and RMIT and to the north, Carton Football Club. It is easy to get to Carlton with regular Trams along Swanston Street.

Never been to a Fiesta M, I was very enthusiastic to experience for the first time. What I have found was a small venue with maybe six food stalls, a main stage, mock-up traditional wedding ceremonial stands showcasing the richness and vibrant culture of Malaysia, and a few less interesting stalls. The food stalls were probably the biggest drawcard for most of the visitors. The queue was long for 3 of the most popular stalls – “Roti Canai”, “Char Koay Teow” and another deep fried stall selling a tasting plate of popular Malaysian deep fried snacks. In my opinion, the best display stall was probably the “Roti Canai” food stall with the skillful culinary experience of tossing and spinning the dough into the air until it stretches into a thin dough, spread on the bench and then folded and lightly pan fried until crisp on the outside and chewy and soft on the inside.










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