Wake Up Dockland!

What is really wrong with Dockland?? The first time I walked around Dockland to meet my nephew for Yum Cha at The Gold Leaf Chinese Restaurant at Harbour Town, I was surprised the area was actually quite beautiful. Each and every tree was planted in a strategic spot like something out of a 3D landscape/ architect model. The streets are wide. The buildings soaring into the sky next to Victoria Harbour. There were high rises and high rises. It was indeed a very strange looking precinct. If not for the the harbour and water view, the entire precinct is just a concerte jungle with miniature trees lining the streets. There is something just not right about this place. It looks pretty – as pretty as an architect charcoal pencil sketch of a township plan. But, where are all the people??!! It is like a ghost town, or an X-file with all the residents being abducted. Each time I was there was on a weekend. It should have more people, things to do and see, with a harbour view like this. But, it was not.

I went there again the weekend my partner came to visit. And, again today. There was a small Sunday market of less than 10 stalls and they were so uninteresting. Once again the area was quite deserted with the occassional people wandering like a lost soul (like me) and some cyclists. Most of the restaurants were shut. Those that were opened had few customers, which I don’t know why the owners bother. The only busy part of the precinct is the Harbour Town with a few factory outlets and the township most popular Chinese restaurant – The Gold Leaf, which I have been twice for Yum Cha.

Is there any hope that Dockland can be revitalised? My partner and I are thinking of buying an apartment in Melbourne. I was thinking of Dockland on the harbour, but each time I went back there for a walk, it just doesn’t feel right. I don’t mind a quiet place, but this is beyond quiet. It is almost eerily quiet with so many apartment buildings but only few people in sights. Maybe everyone living in the apartments hibernate from the “sun”. I wonder what the place is like in the evening and night. Will they come out with “fangs”? You be the judge and LOOK! Not many people in sight.










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4 Responses to Wake Up Dockland!

  1. Shirley says:

    I think people still think of Docklands as an industrial area with no character. It used to be a port, so doesn’t have any history as a residential area.

    • Victor says:

      Shirley – you used to live in Melb? Very windy there too. I was told it is a seasonal place with t football games at stadium which makes the place busy after the games.

  2. Emily says:

    Oh dear, I think it is too concrete and perfect for people to relax in, that’s why they’re all cooped up in their homes looking at the view from their windows.

    • Victor says:

      LOL Emily, I don’t think so. I think most of them would have gone out to the city or Southbank, the parks etc. There is nothing to do in the area. You can feel it.

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