Mings at Crown Melbourne

Mings at Crown Melbourne is a Dim Sum and Noodle House located on Level 1 of Crown Casino. It is not an easy place to locate – tuck across the main gaming floor, which make it a quiet restaurant for a Dim Sum/ Yum Cha’s place. No children and no big family, and none of those loud noisy throwing of plates and chaotic scene one will typically find in a Chinese Dim Sum place. I have been there twice and love it. The price is surprisingly very cheap for a restaurant quality that serves Dim Sum, noodle and Chinese barbeque meats.




The first time I was there with my partner who came to visit for a long weekend to celebrate his birthday. We both had a bowl of noodle each – “Dan Dan Mien” ($10) and “Wonton Noodle” ($12), and shared “Siu Mai” ($5.50) and “Shanghai Dumplings” or “Xiao Long Bau” ($5). Each of the Dim Sum came in 3 pieces. The total bill was $32.50. There was no service charge. Each table has a complimentary thermos flask of Chinese tea. We were impressed with the quality of the food, especially the noodles at that price, which kind of made up for the slightly over salty stock inside the Xiao Long Bau.





A week later, I went back for my second at Mings. It took me a few wrong turns inside Crown before I found the restaurant. It was, once again, a lovely quality lunch for an affordable price. Unbelieveable. This time I ordered the Beef Brisket Noodle Soup ($12) and steamed Vegetable Dumplings ($4.50). The Beef soup was one of the best I have tasted. The stock was filled with aromatic spices and the chunky beefs just fell apart and melted in my mouth. The steamed vegetable dumplings were better than the Xiao Long Bau and Siu Mai. The translucent dumpling skin was smooth and silky in texture with crunky tiny dices of vegetables inside.



I love my noodles and Ming has definitely won over my heart. There is more “Mings” in my appetite.


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One Response to Mings at Crown Melbourne

  1. Emily says:

    You have found a gem – contemporary looking dim sum place. 🙂

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