Claypots Evening Star in South Melbourne

After a long 2 hours and very disappointing walk to Dockland, I decided to head back towards the other side of the Yarra River – “the right side” as most Melbournian will tell you. That is the side of Southbank, South Gate and Crown, and not far behind theSouth Melbourne Market.

I was hungry and wanted to try something different. There are cafes and food outlets at South Melbourne Market. I decided on “Claypots Evening Star” or just “Claypots”. It is a casual bar seafood type place with live music, offering outdoor seatings and indoor bar stools type seatings. There was a live 3 piece band at the front of this little corner cafe when I got there. The ambience has a typical Melburnian’s feel. The band was folksy with some banjo and violin numbers.





The service was friendly and relax. The focus of the food is on the freshness of the seafood. I ordered a tapas grilled scampi ($7) and grilled skewer of octopus with onion and red capsicum ($10) and a grilled whole red mullet with salad ($15). I haven’t eaten grilled seafood for a long time. Claypots has certainly impressed me. My seafood – scampi, octopus and red mullet – were grilled just right with the sweetness and juice of the seafood flesh still intact. It was an enjoyable, lazy Sunday afternoon lunch listening to the live band before I headed into the market for some fresh produce grocery.






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