Sunday at the beach

I have done it again. Last Sunday, I went for my regular Vietnamese “beef pho” noodle soup at Victoria Street in Richmond. I was surprised the place was a bit quiet. I asked the woman in the restaurant. She told me it was busy in the morning. It was the Chinese New Year’s Eve. Most people have gone home after a last minute shopping to prepare for a family reunion dinner. That was the reason Victoria Street was not as frantic, busy and noisy as the normal weekend. It made a nice change. I didn’t have to rush to finish my pho and enjoyed slurping the noodle and soup until the bowl was almost empty.

Before I finished my pho, I knew what to do next. I checked the Tram Tracker App on my iPhone for the next arrival times of Tram 109, which will take me to Port Melbourne. I love the free Tram Tracker App. It is the most useful App on Melbourne Trams – schedules, routes, maps and stops. I used it all the time to plan my trip on Melbourne trams. Strongly recommended this free App if you are planning to use Melbourne trams.

It was a clear blue sky summer weather. Perfect for the beach. I have never been to the Melbourne beach since I moved here for work. My initial plan was to visit St Kilda’s Sunday Market. There was no direct tram going to St Kilda from Victoria Street, Richmond. Rather there was the 109 that runs to Port Melbourne direct. Awesome! Changed of plan. I will take 109 to Port Melbourne and then walk to St Kilda. I knew it was going to be a long walk. But, I didn’t know it was a 9 km until I started walking under a 32 degree Celsius summer heat, with nice sea breeze. It was a great walk.

There were many people on the road, the sidewalk and on the beach. But, not crowded. There is a cycle path next to the pedestrian sidewalk. There were three to four seafront restaurants along the long stretch of beach. There were dogs on the beach, beach volleyballs, joggers, children flying kites. There was no shades along the stretch of beach. Some people brought their own beach umbrellas. Others brought their own tents for extra comfort. There was a cruise ship and passengers were seen boarding the ship. The sand was a bit coarse but the water was clear.

















I was getting very exhausted and hot by the time I reached Fitzroy Street tram stop at St Kilda. I made the choice of catching a short tram ride from Fitzroy stop to Carlisle St/Chapel St tram stop for tram 79 to take me home. While waiting for 79, I sat down next to this lovely girl with a rare pure bred Chinese Crest named “Nugget”. This was the first time I have seen a Chinese Crest. It was better in real life than in a photo. Nugget was gentle and camera shy. Strange to stroke his back which felt like an expensive soft leather.



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