In The Blue

Do you know it when you are in the blue? You feel down for no obvious reasons. But, had to snap out of it or you will fall even further. I felt that way last Saturday after I woke up. I felt miserable, but I didn’t know why. I guess maybe I missed my partner and still think about the loss of our dog. Or I felt claustrophobic from living in a tiny shoebox apartment. Or maybe I had a bad day at work last Friday. Or maybe it is Chinese New Year and I felt alone. Whatever it was, I had to do something. I had to get out. I felt so much better after that.

I decided to walk to South Melbourne then to Southbank and Flinder Street train station. I would have walked 7 km with a few detours, and had a light comfort lunch at an eclectic and popular cafe in South Melbourne, Zappa.

I enjoyed taking my time when I walked, to soaked in the things around me.

Along Domain Road…,



…and, Domain Interchange for the Trams at St Kilda Road.


Fifteen minutes later I reached the main shopping and restaurant strip of South Melbourne – Clarendon Street. It is mildly quiet in comparison to other more popular Melbourne’s inner suburbs such as Victoria Street, Swan Street and Bridge Road at Richmond, or Toorak Road and Chapel Street at South Yarra, Prahran and Windsor. In a way, I quite like it because it is kind of strange that South Melbourne is so close to Southbank and the CBD with Tram service but the pace is slower than the other inner city suburbs. The busiest place in South Melbourne is the South Melbourne Market. This area will soon become my stomping ground when I moved into a new leased apartment.

This was the second time I have been to South Melbourne. I decided to take my time and look around.

The gorgeous Town Hall was across from Zappa, and Zappa is next door to a well known cocktail lounge and cabaret saloon, The Butterfly Club.



Zappa…casual, relax, atmospheric with lots of characters and charms. I am sure this is a place my partner and I will frequent a fair bit with a cabaret show now and then at the next door, Butterfly Club.







…, then the South Melbourne Market…will be my future weekend marketing stop. My dream of living within walking distance to a market is becoming real. I still cannot believe that since I moved to Melbourne in late September last year, I have only driven my car about ten times, and have only been to the petrol station twice!



From South Melbourne, I walked to Southbank next to the Yarra River. The view of the city skyline is spectacular here. Then I made my way to Flinders Street station and caught a train to Box Hill for the Chinese New Year celebration, published in my last post here

At Southbank…., a very tired tourist…


…a wondering young Australian Magpie…




…this place was buzzing and happening.


Next time if you are in the blue, don’t let it get you. Get up and get out. You will feel better after that. Smile and live each day at a time. 🙂


About Victor

I live in Melbourne. Blogging as a pleasure. Sharing my thoughts, mostly on food and places I find interesting. I am on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Page which you can follow by clicking on the link on my blog page.
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6 Responses to In The Blue

  1. Emily says:

    Victor, we all feel like that once in awhile even when life is going great, you’re not alone. Here, everything is as usual, no tong tong chiang music, no visiting, no reunion dinners, etc. I even did housework this morning lol! Wow, great photos(!), my favourite is the woman who was resting on the bench. I once caught an elderly woman sleeping with her mouth open in the library and wanted very much to take a photo but the library staff was there and I didn’t dare, lol. What’s that building in the 2nd photo?

  2. dillon says:

    Lovely pics Vic. Walking is the best for so many things (esp in Melb:)

    • Victor says:

      Dillon, so right and yet most people still prefer to drive even for a short distance. Imagine if there is only bicycle and no road motor vehicles. Everyone will have to either walk or cycle. Climate change will be less of a problem and people will stay healthier. And, we can eat more without gaining too much weight. 🙂

  3. Rita II says:

    Great photos, Victor. I don’t know Melbourne that well and admit I’ve only ever been in South Melbourne once (and that was on a bike LOL). The great thing about big cities is that there are so many hidden places to discover – and it is so much easier to do that on foot or by bike. I wish Hobartians could learn the lessons of Melbourne when it comes to public transport, too – but people keep telling me we just don’t have the population….. Keep smiling!

    • Victor says:

      Hi Rita II – good to see you here again. There are lots of potentials and opportunities for Hobart to become a greater city. I really hope the same as you’ve mentioned in your message, and that Hobartians will embrace the public transport or walk more. The city is compact enough. Let’s keep our hopes up. 🙂

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