In My Kitchen – how to make a simple prawn dish


I always like to keep a packet of deveined prawns in my freezer which I can use at anytime for added flavour in a stir fried rice, or minced with scallions or chives with ginger as fillings for dumplings. But, this evening I felt like a simple stir fry with lemongrass, belachan and lots of chopped scallions when I got home from work. I had on previous night defrosted a dozen prawns in the fridge. This is a simple dish that you can cook easily at home with little preparation. The best part, it tastes delicious.


~ a dozen deveined prawn cutlets with tail intact
~ one teaspoon of “belachan” or shrimp paste (optional)
~ two cloves garlic
~ one lemongrass stalk
~ two bird eye chilies
~ one carrot
~ four scallions (spring onions)

~ one tablespoon light soy sauce
~ one teaspoon dark soy sauce
~ two tablespoons oyster sauce
~ half a cup of tamarind juice (a pinch of tamarind pulp mixed with water)

~ chop the cloves finely
~ discard the base and tip of the lemongrass. Remove the first few layers of the lemongrass which can be quite coarse. Then slice diagonally the remaining lemongrass into very thin slices
~ chop the chilies finely
~ slice diagonally the carrot Into thin slices
~ slice diagonally the scallions

~ heat some cooking oil in a very hot wok
~ toss in the chopped garlic, chilies and belachan. A quick stir fry for less than a minute. Then add the chopped lemongrass. Continue to stir fry for another minute
~ add the prawn cutlets. Stir fry until almost cooked, then add the sliced carrots
~ add the sauces, mix through and continue to stir fry for two to three minutes
~ add the sliced scallions. Toss once or twice. Then dish out and plate the food. Serve with some steam rice


Preparation Time: 8 minutes
Cooking Time: 8 minutes
Eating Time: 5 minutes


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2 Responses to In My Kitchen – how to make a simple prawn dish

  1. MarcosPako says:

    Simply great, like always!!!

    P.S: “Eating Time: 5 minutes” or less…

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