Victoria Street Festival at Richmond

In my last post, Emily asked if I can put up more photos on the Lunar New Year street festival at Richmond. This post is for you, Emily. The colourful Victoria Street of Richmond, an inner city suburb of Melbourne.

Street dancing.

Street food of Vietnam in Melbourne.


Fresh sugarcane juice stall. The two metal rollers machine is used to crush the sugarcane by pushing through one end and coming out the other end to extract the fresh juice. Some crushed ice is then added to chill the drink.


The fried coconut cake stall.




The only Thai food stall selling traditional Thai Papaya Salad.


Another stall selling grilled and fried street food.


Street performances.







The colourful traditonal paper umbrella.




And, finally the colour of prosperity and good fortune in red and yellow (gold). An artificial cherry blossom tree filled with dangling “red packets” stuffed with possibly money.



About Victor

I live in Melbourne. Blogging as a pleasure. Sharing my thoughts, mostly on food and places I find interesting. I am on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Page which you can follow by clicking on the link on my blog page.
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5 Responses to Victoria Street Festival at Richmond

  1. Emily says:

    Thank you Mr Khoo, I’m very honoured. London is only going to celebrate it properly with lion dances and food stalls and performances on 29 January, the seventh day of CNY. 🙂

    • Victor says:

      Seventh day… That is the day of everybody’s birthday. Oh, there is another street festival this Sat at another Asian surburb – Box Hill. Guess I have to make my way there on rhe train.

      • Emily says:

        I’d love to see your photos/videos if there are any, thanks. Unsure whether I can make it to the London festivities.

      • Victor says:

        Hi Emily – new post up on Box Hill CNY festival. Not as interesting as Richmond. Also, a long way for me on the train for nothing too exciting. The big one is this coming weekend at Chinatown in Melbourne CBD. I will be in Hobart though.

  2. Emily says:

    Hi Victor, thank you.

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