You Will Always Be In My Heart





It is a sad, sad day for me and my partner. After 14 years, we had to put our “LG” down, to end her few weeks of suffering. Bonnie has been with us since we got her at the age of 10 weeks old. We waited almost two years for her, from a well known breeder at Morriset, NSW. Bonnie came from a string of winners and champs. She was a pure bred Scottish Terrier. Her dad was specially flown in from UK to breed with her mum. We had a choice of eight puppies to choose. We wanted a black male scottie. The only two black male puppies were taken, based on the breeder long waiting list. The rest of the male pups were brindle. There was only one black left, and she was a female. We were really taken by the little black female pup. She was playful and full of life. The breeder told us she had the same character as her mum. We chose her. That was how our life started with “Bonnie”.

She brought us joy, happiness and lots of love over the years. She knew when to play with us, and when to comfort us when either one of us were down, or when both of us had an argument. She will always be remembered as a very intelligent, bright and playful girl. She had been through a lot with us, and moved from places to places with us – Sydney to Blue Mountain to Lower Wattle Grove to Hobart. She loves riding in my MX5 with the roof down and having her face with long eyebrows and beard swept by the gushing winds. My partner and I will joke that the only thing she was missing was a pair of racing car goggle.

When we brought her home for the first time, she was really missing her other little siblings. So, I slept with her on the couch for over a week. She was so tiny, like the size of my hand with her fore and hind legs dangling down my palm. She would slept on my chest, until she got used to her new home.

Bonnie had a good self instinct. She learnt things quickly, and mostly and strangely things we never thought her. We believe it was from her pure breeding. She rarely barked. Even our neighbours were surprised we had Bonnie in our house. The only time she ever barked was when she saw other kids playing ball, and she loved chasing around, trying to catch the ball. Bonnie was a smart girl and she knew when we were talking about her. She always twitted her head listening to us and other people talking.

To us, Bonnie was a glamorous, city girl. She always looked her best after grooming. We would put on her best tartan coat when we were in Blue Mountain and love taking her out to places and sit outside a cafe on a nice day. She always get a lot of attention, because she was a scottie dog, and a fine one too. She was shapely and had a nice waist, unlike most scottie dogs. Bonnie adapted well when we moved to Lower Wattle Grove. She had all the space, and she love watching, listening and smelling the nature and wildlife. She chased the rabbits but soon found that they were too fast for her.

I know for some and most people, it is hard to understand why I am talking about Bonnie like a real child. The fact is, she was a child to us. And, she was our one and only child in this world. In the eyes of the general public and society, our lifestyle is probably considered as unconventional because we do not have any children and we are not allowed to marry. But, Bonnie has given us all the love and more than we can ever asked.

We love you dearly, Bonnie. Your sufferings in the past few weeks were now over. You can now rest in peace.


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7 Responses to You Will Always Be In My Heart

  1. Tony says:

    Nicely said, Victor.

  2. Michelle says:

    So sorry to hear. Bonnie sounds like a wonderful dog who lived a wonderful life full of love. Big hugs to you guys, it’s very sad when you lose your dog.


  3. Shirley says:

    It is not strange at all to talk of Bonnie as your child. Pets are part of the family and most people treat and love them as they would their own kids. Your’s and your partner’s hearts will heal in time.

  4. Christina says:

    Thinking of you both Victor. xx

  5. Sydney Queen says:

    When our beloved Sniff died (causes unknown) at the age of 3, though we hadn’t had him a long time, we were devastated … understand what you’re going through

  6. Nye says:

    Victor, sorry to hear about Bonnie, she is in a better place now. I had my share of loosing 2 dogs and they were a part of our family. I cried for days when they passed away.

  7. Victor says:

    Thank you for all your kind words and condolences.

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