Le Reminet in Paris

Le Reminet is a very romantic and intimate restaurant. It is a small restaurant located in a narrow alley off the main road, Quai de la Tournelle, near Notre-Dame de Paris. I found this restaurant through Google Place and read the reviews posted both in Google Place and Trip Advisor.

It was our first night in Paris. We arrived on the Thalys train from Amsterdam. The train departed Amsterdam at 11:16 am and arrived in Paris at 14:35 pm. I bought us a first class returned tickets which came with a light refreshment and lunch. The ticket costs us €79 each way per person. We were very excited when we boarded the train in Amsterdam.

We both love traveling by train. We get to see more. There is no hassle like the airport – arriving one or two hours before departure, the queue, luggage checkin, etc. What we found was the train arrived and departed on time, which meant, if we had arrived one minute late, we would have missed the train. We took no chances since we were not familiar with the station and gave ourself plenty of time before the train arrived.

Thalys first class was comfortable with nice reclining seats. The food was nice and sufficient for the short three and a half hours trip to Paris. Our trip didn’t felt that long. It was more relax than traveling on a plane. There was no long waiting time at the airport or a long queue waiting to check in. Boarding the train was very simple. The train conductor checked and validated our tickets on board after we left the Amsterdam station.

On arrival in Paris, we took a taxi to Rue Maitre Albert where I have booked a one bedroom apartment, owned by my friend’s brother. There was a specific instruction on how to get there and for someone to meet us with the keys. The instruction told us to call Natasha when “we leave the airport”. But, we were leaving on a train. So, we called before we left Amsterdam station. There was no answer, so I left a voice message. On arrival at the apartment, there was no Natasha. So I called her again on her mobile. Once again, there was no answer. I left a voice message hoping she will get it.

We waited 25 minutes before she arrived with the keys. The first thing she said to us was, “why didn’t you called when you left the train station?”. She meant when we arrived at Paris train station. I told her that we did, but called from Amsterdam station. The instruction was not clear. Leaving the airport when we were leaving the train station. And, leaving the airport or station to us means leaving Amsterdam, not leaving Paris train station. Anyway, she was very lovely, friendly and helpful except that she told us Paris is small and we can walked everywhere from where we were staying. Even walked to the famed Eiffel Tower! I have to admit she was accurate that we were in a very good spot, but walking to Eiffel Tower in an almost freezing temperature took us an hour!

After check-in and being briefed by Natasha on some do’s and don’ts for almost half an hour, including removing my gold necklace and watch out for pick pockets, we went for a walk to see Notre-Dame de Paris. It was a short three minutes walk. It was quite a sight. It was an incredible building. We still could not believed we were in Paris and to see all the incredible buildings that were rich in history.




I digressed a bit. Back to Le Reminet.

We booked a table for seven at Le Reminet on the way back from Notre-Dame. Two minutes walk and we were back at the apartment. We freshened up and got dressed appropriately for the dinner.

We arrived at the restaurant. We were the first customer. The restaurant was very impressive with all the candles on each tables, reflected by several gold gilded mirrors of different shapes and sizes. We were both very excited and couldn’t wait to see the menu.



We ordered their specials for the day – foie gras and fresh oysters for entree. The main, we ordered lamb and pork fillets from the menu. Unfortunately, the photos I have taken were not good. The lighting was too dimmed to take any good photographs with my Linux digital camera. The foie gras was very rich. We ate one piece and left the other. The oysters were smooth and fresh. It was not plump, like the Tasmanian’s Bruny Island Oyster. My pork main was alright, but my partner’s lamb dish was tender and delicious, and was the highlight of our meal.

There are lots of restaurants in Paris. It is difficult to know where to eat unless you know the people and area. Or, google “place” like me. But, if you are looking for somewhere romantic and happens to be in the area of Notre-Dame, then Le Reminet may just be the right choice for you, as it was for us.


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One Response to Le Reminet in Paris

  1. Nye says:

    I would love to visit this place one day. Again, beautiful photos of the late evening hours.

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