Scoooooby Scooby Dooooo….Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween to everyone who loves a bit of halloween and a haunting night! My partner and I stumbled upon these two guys as we walked past the front of La Porchetta at Toorak Road, South Yarra. It was a bit cold, windy and drizzly which added a slight chill to my skins as I glanced past these two guys. That was when it dawn upon me that it was the Halloween weekend! The guys obliged a photo to be taken by me if the waitress next to them was willing to be their meal! Ha was hilarious. She almost freak out! Love it!

My partner and I were earlier having our French dinner night out at “France-Soir” on 11 Toorak Road, South Yarra, near the intersection of Toorak Road and Punt Road. I just picked up my partner a few hours ago from the Melbourne Tullamarine Airport. He flew Jetstar. At 5:10pm, we switched on the ABC 24 News channel, and saw a live news broadcast that Qantas took an unprecendented grounding of all their aircrafts across the world, affecting thousands of travellers and potentially damaging Qantas image “forever”. It was quite a BIG news! We looked at each other and thought that we were lucky to have booked my partner’s weekend flights with Jetstar! Unfortunately, I have booked my partner’s parents international flights a few months ago on Qantas with connecting another Qantas flight connecting to Hobart! And, they are due to take off next weekend! Now we are on a waiting game to see if Qantas management and the unions are able to resolve their issues! What a nightmare. Fortunately, I have booked my partner and my flights for our upcoming overseas holiday with Malaysia Airlines. I would really hate to be one of those travelers supposedly to take off on the Qantas flights yesterday and today and having the trip totally ruined and stuck at the airport.

Going back to our dinner at France-Soir. It is an extremely popular French restaurant that has been running at the same location for many years, as I was told. When I made the booking, I was told it is either at 6pm or 8:30pm. I chose 6:30pm because we both eat early. It was busy as we arrived. A couple of tables with children. It has a nice atmosphere. Loud and busy. Lots of good vibe. All male FOH staff and very French. I know for sure the owner is definitely French. A very gentleman greeting from all of them, “Bonsoir”.

The restaurant was packed – full house. The table turnarounds very quickly for the next seating. The menu was quite extensive, and the wine list was even more extensive. It was the biggest wine list we have seen. It was as thick as an encyclopedia! They were not cheap either.

We ordered a Bombay Sapphire G&T to start off. $17 for two glasses. Followed by the Escargots and Sardines for our entree.



Both entrees were superb! The sardines were tender and moist. Had a bit of saltiness and went well with a squeeze of the fresh lemon drizzled over the top. The escargots were equally lovely and garlicky the way we like it. I sponged up all the juices with some bread.

The Escargots was $19.50, and Sardines $17.00.

Our mains were the specials for the night – Pork at $36.00 and Duck at $36.50, with a Cabernet Sauvignon at $90 per bottle. The main came with a bowl of french fries, not french chips. They were thin strips – nice and crispy. My partner was joking that it probably came from MacDonald! Glad we didn’t said that in front of the owner, or we will be kicked out.



Both main were very good. The pork was tender and juicy. I was glad my main was not as huge as my partner’s duck which came with a pork sausage resting on top of a few bite pieces of thick hams and lots of baked beans. We both were struggling to finish his main.

It was a good night. Now for the real Paris in less than 3 weeks! I really can’t wait. It will be the first and probably the only time I am going to visit Paris. And, it’s winter! will be cold.


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2 Responses to Scoooooby Scooby Dooooo….Happy Halloween

  1. Jay-P. says:

    You’re off to Paris, very soon?
    We sure envy you!
    Even in winter it’s a very nice place to visit. Great food also. If you need some hints, just give a shout and send me your email address. (I don’t do facebook or twitter and stuff).
    BTW, we are off to Penang on Jan 6th.

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