Art Exhibition at Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

I was at the 2011 City of Hobart Art Prize exhibition this morning. If you have not seen this exhibition in previous years, it is worth checking out. The exhibition was officially opened today to the public. It will run until September 18, 2011.

The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, also known as TMAG is the smallest museum I have ever been. The size of the museum makes it very special, intimate and personal. It has never been crowded when I was there.

I have not been to TMAG for a few years. I went there today to see the Hobart Art Prize exhibition. It was nice to go out and visit TMAG again. As I walked into the museum and up the stairs I came to the first hall – an aboriginal history exhibition. I was very impressed by the array of display and the historical information on each exhibits.

I took a few pictures unaware that I was not supposed to, until I was told. Oh, dear. Sorry. I had to put my little camera back into the case.

Since it was such a lovely mid-winter day in Hobart, and probably the first nice Saturday in a long time, my partner and I decided to walk around the waterfront and browsed the Salamanca Weekend Market. There was still some snow at the peak of Mt Wellington. This is the longest I have ever seen the snow on top of Mt W – 3 weeks!

I saw these four seagulls as we walked towards Elizabeth St Pier. They were “almost-like” waiting there for me to take a picture of them.



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One Response to Art Exhibition at Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

  1. Nye says:

    I can understand the no flash photography part, but no photography at all is a bit odd, yet you see it in many places. That’s a nice reflection in the last shot, I’m glad they are not standing on ice. 🙂

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